The AGF Store offers a wide range of materials for playing and teaching the game of Go, many not available elsewhere. Materials are available in the following categories:

Playing Equipment

Teaching Equipment

Promotional Materials


Go World


WE DO NOT SELL TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Only AGF-approved teaching programs qualify for free equipment, subsidies for startup gear from this store and other vendors, technical support and more. AGF-approved programs also receive discounts of 15% or more from our Go vendor partners.

AGA chapters can also purchase from our store at full price. Click here to learn more.

For simple orders, just e-mail us for a price quote that includes shipping. If you are requesting multiple items fill out our Order Form. Please include the name of your approved program. Shipping costs can vary widely; we will e-mail you a quote. When you know the total due (cost plus shipping minus any matching funds), pay by Paypal below or by mailing in your check or money order.

Do not pay unless you have received a shipping quote from us!

Canadian Go Association programs may purchase from this store at full price. All other sales must ship to an address within the US.

Plan ahead! The AGF is a small organization with part-time staff. We cannot guarantee fulfillment of rush orders. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Need approval?

It's easy to become an AGF-approved program if you have an active program or a group of interested students. Your school, library or community youth Go program can qualify. Just fill out our online Project Application Form.

Approved programs can get:

•  Free Classroom Starter Set for up to 24 beginners. A $50 value.

•  Matching Funds: Up to $200 per program for approved expenses (books, equipment, tournament prizes). 
    Submit $400 in receipts and you will be reimbursed $200.

•  Prizes for tournaments: $50 in direct funding, for tournament prizes.  (The AGA provides matching funds for college-based chapters.)

Discounts on books or equipment from participating Go vendors, click here for a list.