Teaching Equipment

The prices here are not available to the general public, only to AGF programs and AGA Chapters.Click here to learn how to qualify, and how to order.

AGF programs also receive discounts of 15% or more from our Go vendor partners!


9X9 Cardboard 10-Pack, $7.50

  • With punch-out cardboard stones
  • Ten sets in a pack

Make your own board. Click here to download the pdf we use to make these boards, including the AGA Rules that appear on the back.

Beginner's Kit, $10

  • Four 9x9/13/13 boards
  • One full size set of stones (enough for four 9x9 games).


The Way to Go

    $4.50 per 15 pack

  • Karl Baker's little book has taught thousands of people to play.
  • Free for AGA Chapters
  • Write to mail@agfgo.org to inquire about bulk orders.
  • You can download the electronic version for free here.


Magnetic Demonstration Board DISCONTINUED

  • We have discontinued this item due to low product quality, and the expense of the boards. Portable projectors are now available for as little as $50, and can be connected to phones, tablets, or computers, search on Amazon for options. Many schools now have projectors in the class room already as well. If you have a problem displaying the KGS Go Client in a school, it is likely because Java is blocked in many schools. Try using online-go.com instead, and it should work fine.


AGA Starter CD

$10 per 10 pack

  • Everything a beginner needs
  • No Internet connection required for most content
  • Click here to try it out online
  • Please copy and distribute freely!


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