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Sensei is a newsletter dedicated to teachers and organizers. It's the AGF's way of letting our approved programs know what new kinds of support are available. We also cover the latest developments in teaching materials and methods. You can subscribe to Sensei at the bottom of this page. Our e-mail list is kept confidential.

Note that all issues before #8 are archival, and some of the links may no longer work.

Issue 13

Game Guru Frank Lantz says "Western Go Should Be A Little Less Tang Dynasty, A Little More NASCAR" $2 Million Iwamoto Fund Created to Support US Go; AGF College Scholarship Winners: AGF Teacher of the Year; Go Shows Why "Arts" Should Be A Component of the STEM Curriculum.

Issue 12

Go As A Tool for Social Change; Boston Go Expo; Go in North Carolina, "Where the hogs outnumber the humans"; Penn State Studies Go for Military Relevance; Teaching Critical Thinking in Atlanta

Issue 11

Free Beginners' Download; New Go Manga Fansubbed; LA's Best Starts Large Program; Google Adwords; Go in Seoul; Camp Scholarships; Go in Cuba; Go in Brazil

Issue 10

New AGF Website; Teachers Train on Go; team Tournament; North American Go Conference; US Starts Pro System; Symposium Goes Online; Go Art Conbtest Winners; New Films and an Old Gem; Go World Stops Publication; AGA Resumes Support for College.

Issue 9

Joe Walters named Teacher of the year;Teng and Daley Win AGF Scholarships; International Children's Art Contest; Hotta Yumi Attending Go Congress; International Go Symposium; American Pro League; Program Survey; Go Masters; Hikaru Online

Issue 8

Welcome Youth Librarians; Female Pros Fight Back; Go in WWII Internment Camps; AGF Scholarship Winners; School Tem Tournament; AGF Vists the American Library Association Annual Conference; Hikaru; AGF TOTY Fritz Balwit, the "Pied Piper" of Go; Interntaional Go SArt Contest; US Youth Travel to Huangzhou

Issue 7

Kissinger On Go; Female Pros Protest Discrimination; Go in WW II Internment Camps; TOTY Fritz Balwit; International Go Art Contest

Issue 6

Scholarship Winners Cherry Shen and David Su; TOTY Marjorie "Su CO" Hey; Free Hikaru Manga For Public Libraries; Study Shows Go Grows Brain

Issue 5

SPECIAL POPULATIONS ISSUE: Teaching Go in Prison; Using Go With the Mentally Ill; The "Go Show" in Great Britain; Baduktopia Offers Free Answer Books for Download; Hikaru Anime Available Online; Way To Go in E-Book Format

Issue 4

President Obama Gives US-Made Go Set to Chinese Premier Hu; become An AGF Fiscal Agent and Apply for Grants;Free Flashmedia Go Lessons from Badultopia; Download Historic Go Books

Issue 3

Free Hikaru No Go Manga for Librarians; Interview With TOTY Joshua Frye; Myongji University Puts the "B.A." in Baduk; Level Up! Go Books for Kids

Issue 2

AGF College Scholarship; Starter CD; Special Outreach to Librarians; Study Says Go Helps Child Development; Online Club Management Tool

Issue 1

One Laptop Per Child Project; Make Your Own Demo Board; Wonder Go; Download Free Puzzles; AGF Teacher Store Opens

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