Support for Go in Schools

"My faculty and I firmly believe in the value of engaging students through hands-on, minds-on learning, and the game of Go falls perfectly in the realm of stimulating learning experience. "
-- Joy Zhao, Director of Academics, YingHua International School, Princeton , NJ

Go, like chess, is a proven mind-building activity that benefits the growing brain in many ways. In fact we think Go suits the purpose even better! Click here to learn why Go is good for the growing brain.

Classroom Starter Set

  • 6 reversible vinyl boards:
    • 3 9x9/13x13
    • 3 19x19/13x13
  • 3 full sets of plastic stones in stackable bowls
  • 12 Way to Go booklets - 10 posters (5 of each size)
  • 5 cardboard 9x9 sets, with punch out cardboard stones
  • 1 AGA Starter CD
  • 2 sample issues of Go World magazine.

The AGF believes that Go offers a uniquely flexible activity for healthy growth and development.

In the classroom, it serves as a valuable tool to teach and supplement core curriculum content in math, social studies and other subjects.

Apply for your free Starter Set:

To get started, simply fill out our online Project Application Form.

Applicants should be a teacher or advisor over the age of 18. Students may start programs as long as they have a co-applicant who is over the age of 18. If you need help starting a club, we can assign an AGF Mentor to help you develop your Go program. E-mail us for help if you need it.

Once you are approved as an AGF program, you do not need to fill out the form for additional requests. Just e-mail us instead.


AGF support for teachers and after-school programs includes:

Matching Grants for Equipment and Salaries: The AGF offers approved programs up to $200 in matching grants for equipment, and up to $1000 to match salaries of newly hired Go instructors in after school-programs and community settings such as libraries and youth centers.

AGF Education Store: Approved programs can order supplies at discounted prices

Hikaru no Go manga: This best selling manga series about kids who play Go professionally in Japan will bring kids to your club in droves. The AGF offers a 50% match on the purchase of Hikaru, for schools and libraries that launch official AGF programs. Our matching funds are capped at $200 ($400 in expenses) and can be used for reimbursement of Go related purchases, including books and equipment. Hikaru is currently still available on Amazon in print and Kindle editions, it can also be found used.

Opportunities for Students: Talented players can apply for scholarships to attend The AGA Summer Go Camp or The US Go Congress. The AGF also awards two $1000 College Scholarships per year to outstanding student organizers. With at least three players of any strength, your school or library can enter the online US School Team Tournament. Stronger players can also try their luck in The US Youth Go Championship, where the winner plays for the US in The World Youth Goe Championship, or in the Redmond Cup, where junior and senior players can win a free trip to the US Go Congress.

Special Vendor Discounts: Most major Go vendors offer special discounts to AGF-approved teaching programs.

Free Book for Organizers and Teachers: Go as Communication is a unique look at Go through the eyes of YasudaYasutoshi, 9-Dan, a Japanese Professional Go player. He has a passionate belief in the value of Go for children and special populations such as the elderly and developmental delays. Just send an e-mail asking for a copy.

Free downloads: Gets lots of videos, lesson plans, posters, and more from the AGA.

AGF Teacher of the Year Award: An outstanding Go teacher receives an all-expenses paid trip to The US Go Congress.

Lesson Plan Cooperative: Teachers develop and share lesson plans that link Go to core curriculum elements.