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Anime Prize Pack

A treasure trove of best selling anime, perfect for attracting kids to tourneys. This collection of anime includes some titles that are popular with boys, and some with girls. A total of 31 DVDs, plus one volume of manga, and a soundtrack CD. Thanks to a generous donation, we are able to offer the Anime Prize Pack for free. We do ask for $20 to cover shipping and handling. The pack contains:

  • Hunter x Hunter - 9 DVDs, popular with boys
  • Fruits Basket- 4 DVDS, a favorite with girls
  • Kodocha - 14 DVDs, for girls
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - 1 DVD, 1 manga, 1 CD, popular with both genders


    GO World Back Issues


    With analysis of important games by top pros, instructional material for all levels, news and other features Go World Magazine is the ultimate resource for the serious player. Kiseido does offer digital versions of issues 1-120, but hard copies of back issues are only available here! The AGF has acquired the entire remaining inventory of this wonderful magazine. Some are quite plentiful, we have more than 600 copies of some issues; other rarer issues are priced below accordingly. When they're gone, they're gone!

    Not sure GW is so great? See for yourself! Click here to download a FREE sample issue (#45).

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    Iridescent Go Stickers

    Younger players love these sparkly stickers from Japan, printed on optical reflective mylar, which is hard to photograph properly. The actual stickers look much better than the image to the left. More than twenty stickers on each 6" sheet. Choose iridescent silver (seen on the right: no color in actual stckers) or full color.

    Not available in stores!




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