The AGF Lesson Plan Cooperative

We want you to use the game of Go not only as an enjoyable, healthy, positive classroom enrichment activity, but as a means to present core curriculum content effectively to students with a variety of learning styles. Students who are attracted to Go may become more interested in related topic areas, and may find them easier to understand. This page is a compendium of lesson plans used by classroom teachers in our programs.

Send Us Your Lesson Plans!

Are you a classroom teacher? Do you have a lesson plan you have used effectively to teach one of the content areas listed below? Send it in! We'll add good plans to the list; check back often to see other new plans that may have been added recently.

Don't see the plan you're looking for? Create it! We also offer links to related materials and resources so that you can develop your own original plans -- and when you do, please send them in! Please submit your plan as a Word document or pdf in the following format:

Objective: State the goal, what exactly will students learn in this lesson.

Materials: Describe the materials needed for the lesson, if handouts are part of the lesson, please attach them to the plan.

Procedures: Describe the activities that will take place during the lesson.

Measurement: Explain how to measure students' learning. Quizzes would be one example.

Content Areas

Cross Discipline

Language Arts