Free Book for Organizers

Go As Communication by Yasuda Yasutoshi, a 9 Dan professional Go player (Slate & Shell Press 2001) presents a whole new way of looking at the game. When Yasuda became concerned about social problems among young people, he began visiting Japanese schools, teaching children a simplified version of Go, which he called "First Capture Go." Seeing immediate positive effects, he expanded his efforts to homes for the elderly and then to institutions for the mentally and physically handicapped. This book is the record of a surprising discovery, namely, that "First Capture Go" can have enormous educational and therapeutic value, even with senior citizens and those suffering from developmental delays and other disabilities.

The American Go Foundation will send a free copy of this inspiring book to any Go teacher who lives in the US. Contact us at to request your copy. When you write, please tell us a little bit about yourself and why this book interests you. Be sure to include your mailing address.