Support for Go in Community Programs

"Go transcends age differences, disabilites, and language barriers. While communicating with others on the board, we find ourselves enjoying interacting, and leaving social status behind." - Yasuda Sensei

Go offers a uniquely flexible activity for mental development. As an arena for mental and social activity, Go serves as a valuable tool to teach new skills, open closed minds, and create new possibilities. The AGF supports youth programs in community centers, and programs for adults in institutional settings such as senior centers, military facillities, prisons and mental institutions.

9-dan Japanese professional Yasuda Yasutoshi developed Capture Go in order to reach out to special populations. His book, Go as Communication, available free here, has inspired people around the country to try some amazing things. Click here to read more about our support for these programs.

Free AGF Starter Set:

A $50 value FREE to all AGF-approved Go programs!

Up to 24 students can begin playing right away.

  • 6 reversible vinyl boards:
    • 3 9x9/13x13
    • 3 19x19/13x13
  • 3 full sets of plastic stones in stackable bowls
  • 12 Way to Go booklets - 10 posters (5 of each size)
  • 5 cardboard 9x9 sets, with punch-out cardboard stones
  • 1 AGA Starter CD
  • 2 sample issues of Go World magazine.

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Other Ways We Can Help

Matching Grants for Equipment and Salaries: The AGF offers approved programs up to $200 in matching grants for equipment, and up to $1000 to match salaries of newly hired Go instructors in institutional or community settings.

AGF Store: Approved programs can order supplies at discounted prices.

Fiscal Management: Your local supporters may be able to donate to your activities through the AGF, making their contributions tax-deductible. Ask for details. In addition, local and regional funds that could help you are available through cultural, educational and civic organizations and government grants. In many cases the grantee must be a 501c3 nonprofit; that's where we come in! As an approved program, you can apply to use our corporate structure to obtain these funds, as long your program fits our guidelines.

Special Vendor Discounts: Most major Go vendors offer special discounts to AGF-approved teaching programs.

Free downloads: Get lots of videos, lesson plans, posters, and more from the AGA.

AGF Teacher of the Year Award: An outstanding Go teacher receives an all-expenses paid trip to The US Go Congress.

Lesson Plan Cooperative: Teachers develop and share lesson plans that link Go to core curriculum elements.

Opportunities for Young Students

For All Players

  • Thousands of people all over the world are playing online right now, including many beginners. The KGS Go Server is a friendly place to get started. Click here for complete instructions on how to get started. The AGA has a good list of other servers.

  • The best books and equipment are often available online.