Support for College Go Clubs

AGF Store

Although the AGF does not provide free equipment to college clubs, we do offer AGA matching funds for purchases. This program gives clubs access to all of the items in the AGF store. Please note that equipment can only be used for in club play. Individuals may not order equipment for personal use, and clubs may not resell our equipment. Click here to visit the store.

Approved programs will receive up to $50 in matching funds from the AGA. This means if you want $100 worth of equipment, you need to pay $50 and the AGA will pay the other $50. Charges for shipping are included in matching funds.

College clubs that are also AGA Chapters are entitled to a full $100 in matching funds.

To apply to become an AGF Program, fill out or online Project Application Form. If you need help starting a club, you can request an AGF Mentor to help you develop your Go program. E-mail us for more info.

Visit the American Collegiate Go Association to connect with other schools.

Other Ways We Can Help

Hikaru no Go manga: This best selling manga series about kids who play Go professionally in Japan will bring players to your club in droves. The full 23 volume graphic novel set, a retail value of $230, is free for schools and libraries. We do charge $25 to cover shipping and handling.

Special Vendor Discounts: As an AGF programs, all your dollars go further. Most major Go vendors offer special discounts to AGF-approved teaching programs.

Free Book for Teachers and Organizers: Go as Communication is a unique look at Go through the eyes of Yasuda Yasutoshi, 9-Dan, a Japanese Professional Go player. He has a passionate belief in the value of Go for children and special populations such as the elderly and those with developmental delays. Click here to request a copy.

Free downloads: Get lots of videos, lesson plans, posters, and more from the AGA.

Fiscal Management: Your local supporters may be able to donate to your activities through the AGF, making their contributions tax-deductible. Ask for details. In addition, local and regional funds that could help you are available through cultural, educational and civic organizations and government grants. In many cases the grantee must be a 501c3 nonprofit; that's where we come in! As an approved program, you can apply to use our corporate structure to obtain these funds, as long your project fits our guidelines.