Support for AGA Chapters

If you're an AGA Chapter, we want to help you grow your community of players. Here are some special deals just for you:


The Way To Go

Revised for its seventh printing, WTG is a proven winner when it comes to learning how to play go. This AGA publication is available for download in pdf or e-book format here.

If you have an event coming up, write to us at Tell us about the event and how many WTG booklets you will need. You can request up to 100 copies per year, per chapter. The print edition is a pocket-sized booklet. Additional copies are available for purchase here.


AGA Starter CD

Click here to visit a comprehensive archive of everything you need to become at least a mid-level player. You'll find tutorials, programs that will play 9x9 go with you, specially commented games and much more.

But what about people -- children, schools, or luddites -- who don't have access to the internet? No problem; everything in this archive is available in CD format, just click and play. Up to 20 copies of The AGA Starter CD are available to AGA chapters at no charge. Perfect for giving out to interested parties at Go demonstrations. "Recipients are also encouraged to make copies and disitrbute to their friends.



Beginners Kit

Perfect for introducing the game to newcomers, this kit includes 4 9x9/13x13 vinyl boards, and one full set of plastic stones - enough for four simultaneous games of 9x9 at once.

The Beginners Kit costs $20, including shipping and handling.

Other Ways We Can Help

AGA chapters can order exclusive supplies from certain sections of the AGF Store: Teaching Equipment, Promotional Materials, Prizes, Go World. We do now allow chapters full access to our Playing Equipment as well, at full cost.

Free Book for Teachers and Organizers: Go as Communication is a unique look at Go through the eyes of Yasuda Yasutoshi, 9-Dan, a Japanese Professional Go player. He has a passionate belief in the value of Go for children and special populations such as the elderly and developmental delays. Just send an e-mail asking for a copy.

Free downloads: Get lots of videos, lesson plans, posters, and more from the AGA.

Fiscal Management: Your local supporters may be able to donate to your activities through the AGF, making their contributions tax-deductible. Ask for details. In addition, local and regional funds that could help you are available through cultural, educational and civic organizations and government grants. In many cases the grantee must be a 501c3 nonprofit; that's where we come in! As an approved program, you can apply to use our corporate structure to obtain these funds, as long your project fits our guidelines.