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Falling In Love With Baduk:
Play a Game in One Week

Two young Korean pros lay out the basics in seven lessons, taking the reader from complete novice to game-ready.

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Level Up! Volume One

Written by a Korean master teacher who has taught baduk to thousands of children, Level Up! 1 presents hundreds of simple problems that give beginners lots of practice with the basics. Specially designed to appeal to children.

Thanks to the generosity of the publisher, Baduktopia, the AGF is able to offer a FREE copy of Volume One to libraries and schools with active Go programs. If you order at the same time that you request a Class Room Starter set, there is no charge. If ordering separately, we charge $5 to cover shipping and handling.

Yellow Mountain Imports sells all ten volumes.

If you like Level Up!, be sure to check out Baduktopia's four-volume Essential Life and Death.

NOTE: These books contain only problems. You can download the answers here.

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GO World Back Issues

With analysis of important games by top pros, instructional material for all levels, news and other features Go World Magazine is the ultimate resource for the serious player. Kiseido does offer digital versions of issues 1-120, but hard copies of back issues are only available here! The AGF has acquired the entire remaining inventory of this wonderful magazine. Some are quite plentiful, we have more than 600 copies of some issues; other rarer issues are priced below accordingly. When they're gone, they're gone!

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Go As Communication

Go As Communication by Yasuda Yasutoshi, a 9 Dan professional Go player (Slate & Shell Press 2001) presents a whole new way of looking at the game. When Yasuda became concerned about social problems among young people, he began visiting Japanese schools, teaching children a simplified version of Go, which he called "First Capture Go." Seeing immediate positive effects, he expanded his efforts to homes for the elderly and then to institutions for the mentally and physically handicapped. This book is the record of a surprising discovery, namely, that "First Capture Go" can have enormous educational and therapeutic value, even with senior citizens and those suffering from developmental delays and other disabilities.

The American Go Foundation will send a free copy of this inspiring book to any Go teacher who lives in the US. Contact us at to request your copy. When you write, please tell us a little bit about yourself and why this book interests you. Be sure to include your mailing address.


Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game

by Cho Chikun 9-Dan

This highly readable introduction tells beginners everything they need to get started. Interspersed chapters on culture, history and other aspects of the game make this beginners book fascinating from beginning to end. If your library is only going to have one book on Go, it should be this one.

The book itself is only $5, thanks to a special deal with the publisher. The AGF asks $5 to cover shipping and handling. (The usual minimum is $10; if you include this book in a larger order you will save $5.)

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