AGF Teacher of the Year

To encourage and recognize the many amateur players who are actively engaged in teaching Go to beginners, the American Go Foundation established the Teacher of the Year Award in 1996. The winner receives an all expenses paid trip to the premiere Go event in the nation, the US Go Congress, where the award will be presented at the final banquet.

To be eligible, a teacher must be a member of the AGA, have been teaching Go to children for at least two hours a week (during the school year) for two years, have started a Go club or organization for the children, and have helped them enter appropriate tournaments, if possible. If you would like to recommend someone for this award, including yourself, please write to Letters of recommendation are always helpful, but are not required.

Due to the great number of wonderful teachers out there, this award is very competitive. Past nominees have often entered multiple years in a row, and teachers are encouraged to reapply if they are not selected the first time.

Past TOTY Recipients

  • 1996: Sasha Orr
  • 1997: Susan Weir
  • 1998: Peter Rzepecki
  • 1999: James Chien
  • 2000: Herb Doughty
  • 2001: Carter Kemp
  • 2002: James Bonomo
  • 2003: Todd Heidenreich
  • 2004: Not awarded
  • 2005: Not awarded
  • 2006: Paul Barchilon


  • 2007: John Eckelcamp
  • 2008: Vincent Eisman
  • 2009: Joshua Frye
  • 2010: "Su Co" Marjorie Hey
  • 2011: Fritz Balwit
  • 2012: Joe Walters
  • 2013: Richard Moseson
  • 2014: Peter Freedman
  • 2015: Xinming Simon Guo
  • 2016: Paul Lockhart
  • 2017: Wenguang Wang