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"Gaming is one example of how libraries continue to change to meet the needs of their communities and users, offering innovative programs and services that educate, entertain and expand interaction with their patrons." -Beth Galloway

Make your media center more relevant to young users -- introduce them to the ultimate board game: Go. If you have an anime club or Asian study group of any kind, you have a likely starting point. Go was commended by Confucius in ancient times; more recently, it has become the star of its own manga/anime, Hikaru no Go, a coming of age saga in the classic "Hero's Journey" style. Students who learn go develop transferable learning skills and other important competencies. Click here to learn more.

Go is played by millions of people all over the world. Thousands of them are playing online right now! Go is an ideal window on Asian culture as well as a way to improve cognitive skills. Like the martial arts, Go can teach concentration, balance, and discipline. Each person's style of play reflects their personality, and can serve as a medium for self-reflection and personal growth.

Free Manga

Through a generous donation, complete sets of Hikaru no Go manga are available to your school or young adult library. This is a full 23 volume graphic novel set, a retail value of $230. The books are yours for free, we ask only $25 to cover the cost of shipping and handling. Once your patrons start reading Hikaru, they will want to play Go! We can help there too, with our free starter set, and many other resources as well.

Free Classroom Starter Set:

A $50 value FREE to all AGF-approved Go programs! Up to 24 students can begin playing right away. Contains:

  • 3 reversible vinyl boards: 9x9/13x13
  • 3 reversible vinyl boards: 19x19/13x13
  • 3 full sets of plastic stones in stackable bowls
  • 15 Way to Go booklets, 5 colorful Go posters
  • 5 cardboard 9x9 sets, with punch-out cardboard stones
  • 1 AGA Starter CD
  • 2 sample issues of Go World magazine.

To get started, fill out our online Project Application Form. It's easy! If you have a group of students who want to learn Go, you probably qualify.


Other Ways We Can Help

Matching Grants for Equipment and Salaries: The AGF offers approved programs up to $200 in matching grants for equipment, and up to $1000 to match salaries of newly hired Go instructors in after school-programs and community settings such as libraries and youth centers.

AGF Store: Approved programs can order exclusive supplies at discounted prices.

Opportunities for Students

Special Vendor Discounts: As an AGF programs, all your dollars go further. Most major Go vendors offer special discounts to AGF-approved teaching programs.

Free Book for Teachers and Organizers: Go as Communication is a unique look at Go through the eyes of Yasuda Yasutoshi, 9-Dan, a Japanese Professional Go player. He has a passionate belief in the value of Go for children and special populations such as the elderly and developmental delays. Just send an e-mail asking for a copy.

Free downloads: Get lots of videos, lesson plans, posters, and more from the AGA.

Fiscal Management: Your local supporters may be able to donate to your activities through the AGF, making their contributions tax-deductible. Ask for details. In addition, local and regional funds that could help you are available through cultural, educational and civic organizations and government grants. In many cases the grantee must be a 501c3 nonprofit; that's where we come in! As an approved program, you can apply to use our corporate structure to obtain these funds, as long your project fits our guidelines.

AGF Teacher of the Year Award: An outstanding Go teacher receives an all-expenses paid trip to The US Go Congress.